Serve services

Bike rental - for hotel guests, we offer rent of bikes free of charge.

Trips arend

There are a lot of bike tracks in Moravský Kras and also many interesting places Uhre you could go.

Bike tracks

Bike tracks all over the main important places of region snd it is very good to her that even weekend cyclists can cope with them. Graceful track has number 507, i tis 52km long and Leeds on route Ostrov u Macochy-Jedovnice-Bukovinka-Rousínov-Kepkov. One of the least difficult routs is track number 5085. It is about nine kms long and Leeds on route Rájec-Jestřebí-Karolín-Petrovice-Sloup.

Transport for guests to BVV - do you need to organize the transport to BVV?

From hotel Onyx to the centre i tis 20km. Our guests can use our shuttle bus to get to BVV. Brno´s Masaryk circuit –where the races Moto GP are is 15km from the hotel.

We can also arrange transport to BVV for you 1 x morning and 1x in the evening.

Comfortable transport for hotel`s guests - we can také about 9 people wherever you need.

There and back

We will arrange taking you there and back.

Hunting hunts - or those customers who are interested in hunting we will arrange posibility for hunting in close to the ground places. We hunt mainly deer.

For more information on hunting opportunities, please contact us.

Transport to the airport - taking to the airport-we will arrange carefree ride to hotel from airport-there and back.

Transport to the airport

Taking from those airports- Praha, Bratislava, Vídeň, Brno, Ostrava. The transport from the airport when occupying double bed room at least for 6 nights is for free.

Skiing close to the hotel - are you coming in winter and want to ski?

SKI Grounds Olešnice

5500 m prepared ski slope, ski rental and maintanance servis, evening skiing in SKI grounds Olešnice - 30 kms away.

Ski equipment

We are going to look after your ski equipment, which you bring.

Caves - Moravský Kras - you can find a beauty of this area. Punkevní cave or abyss Macocha-those are places which you should definitely see.


One of the main turist´s attractions is abyss Macocha. There are two lookout bridges and there is an ideal look to depth of the abys.


There are five caves possible to see-Balcarka(rich stalacite decoration).Kateřinská(Unixe chopstíck stalagmites) Sloupsko-Šošuvské caves,cave Výpustek and Punkevní. I tis also possible as a part of visiting to have a Cruise on the underground river Punkva and also bottom of Macocha.

Private driver - do you need VIP transport during the stay?

Osobní řidič

Our trained driver will také you to the meeting, appointments or fun tour. He can be available all the time during.

BMW 750

Luxury space of back seats in BMW 7gives you the best komfort.four-zone automatic air conditioning oves the passangers in the back individual temperature setting.